The One-Page Financial Plan™️

created by Carl Richards
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The History of The One-Page Financial Plan “If it’s a One-Page Financial Plan, then why isn’t the book only one page?” I’ve heard this joke a few times since the publication of The One-Page Financial Plan in 2015. For me, I think of my One-Page Plan as the gatekeeper for my financial life. Nothing gets through unless it fits with what I value most. The same thing applies to you and your plan!

🤌🏼 Reader Reviews

“In a world where financial advice is (often purposely) complicated and filled with jargon, Carl distills what matters most into something that is easy and fun to read. The true measure of a brilliant book is whether the material is as relevant to an industry expert as it is to a layperson. The One-Page Financial Plan unquestionably is. Buy two copies—one for yourself and one to hand to the nearest pundit.”
Morgan Housel, Author, The Psychology of Money
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“There are very few financial writers who have been more influential for me than Carl Richards. Carl has done more to simplify the investing process than anyone else in America. His trademark combination of wit and illumination make The One-Page Financial Plan an instant classic in the genre. Don't invest another cent before you've digested this highly readable lesson.”
Joshua M. Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and author of Backstage Wall Street
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“No one in the financial industry communicates like Carl Richards. And this is a skill especially evident in The One-Page Financial Plan. If you’re skeptical that an effective plan for your life and your money can be limited to a single page, I encourage you to put Carl’s process to the test. I’m confident that, like mine, your time and effort will be well rewarded.”
Tim Maurer, Author of Simple Money
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“Feeling tormented by your finances? Read this book. Now. The One-Page Financial Plan helps you identify what you truly want from life, get crystal clear about the financial position you are starting from today, and develop a simple, actionable plan to narrow the gap between the two.”
Manisha Thakor, Creator of Money Zen
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